The 5 Stock Investing Subreddits You Need To Know About

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When it comes to online communities where investors and traders hang out nothing is better than Reddit. On Reddit, chat rooms will form that are called subreddits and within these forums, you can find everything from awful investing advice to nuggets of trading gold. What follows is a list of the top 5 stock investing subreddits that you should know about.

Investing subreddits are amazing places where if you know what you are doing you can make massive amounts of money. Many of you know but I write under the username ChillznDay because of my now famous subreddit post on WallStreetBets that caused Wendy’s Stock to jump by over 35% overnight. I was even featured on large sites such as Real Money and everyone’s favorite stock talk host Jim Cramer

What people don’t know however is that I am a professional investor/trader. I started ChronoHistoria after being banned from the Subreddit WallStreetBets for helping investors learn how to trade and employ advanced investment strategies such as the Global Macro Strategy.

Anyways, knowing the major investing and trading subreddits will allow you to learn how other retail traders think. This will give you a leg up on the competition and allow you to essentially make money from less knowledgeable people in the market.

So let’s jump right in. Here are the top 5 stock investing subreddits you need to know about!

1.) WallStreetBets

Subreddit Wall Street Bets
Members13.0 Million (Active: 3 million-5 million)
Expertise LevelBelow Average
Use For YouYou can use WSB to find stocks about to explode and also make money off growing volatility

Ok, we are going to come out of the gate swinging. The most important investing subreddit that you should know about is none other than the granddaddy of them all; WallStreetBets.

WallStreetBets is a place where people gather to make fun of other investors, post images of massive swings in their investment accounts, or simply lure other investors into buying their stocks. However, that being said you should absolutely visit the subreddit and learn how the average retail investor/trader thinks.

The reason why this is important is that as we speak hedge funds are using Python algorithms to automatically scrape WSB to figure out what people are going to throw their money into. This is because if you know where people are going to be investing then you can make money from the increase in volatility by buying and selling Iron Condors.

An Iron Condor will allow you to profit if the volatility of a stock goes up or down. As such if I just know that people will look at the stock I can position an investment to make 15-18% within 1-2 months. You can mimic this strategy for yourself. And as such you should absolutely know about the subreddit WallStreetBets.

I have been professionally trading and investing for over two decades. I go on WallStreetBets almost every other day just to see what has happened or where retail investors are going to be looking next.

Also, they have great investing jokes and some amazing stories of people making 20-30k from crazy trades. However, remember that WSB is just an entertainment subreddit. It does not give the best investment advice.

2.) Stocks

r/investing subreddit
Members4.8 Million (Active: 1-1.5 million)
Expertise LevelPretty high for Reddit.
Use For YouYou can use R/Stocks to learn about pretty much everything from strategies to what stocks are seeing an IV crunch.

The next subreddit on our list is r/Stocks. This subreddit was built around helping people to better understand how the market and investing works. If you spend a bit of time on this subreddit you might find some hidden gems of advice.

The active membership basis of R/stocks is pretty high. Further, the general expertise level of the membership basis is significantly higher than the guys over at WallStreetBets. That being said this subreddit is designed to help people learn how to invest their money to grow over time. You won’t find any risky options plays here.

Instead, you will find tons of posts going over the latest trends in the stock market. Redditors who post on this subreddit are expected to follow certain guidelines such as citing their sources. Because of this, you will find higher-quality posts that are designed to help teach people how to invest.

However, it still is Reddit. As such you won’t find incredibly detailed posts going over individual methodologies or investing strategies. Strategies such as the Global Macro strategy will take more research and aid than Reddit posts can provide.

One cool thing about the subreddit Stocks is that they often hold “Rate my Portfolio” threads where you can figure out if you are overexposed by sharing your portfolio allocations with other investors. This alone is worth the trip over to the subreddit as even professional investors mess up their allocations and exposure from time to time.

3.) Dividends

r/dividends subreddit
Members300,000 (Active: 90,000-140,000)
Expertise LevelPretty high for Reddit.
Use For Your/dividends is a pretty cool place to start building out a compounding dividend portfolio

The third investing subreddit on this list is a relatively hidden on called r/dividends. This subreddit is great for people who are looking to build out a dividend snowball portfolio that will ‘passively’ pay out money.

Dividends are when a stock pays you money just for simply holding the stock in your portfolio. In theory, you can string together multiple companies that all pay dividends into one portfolio and have a money-printing machine! This is a unique way of investing and also comes with very little downside so long as you do your research properly.

The investing subreddit r/dividends is perfect for people looking to build out one of these portfolios for themselves. The subreddit itself has dividend portfolio competitions, recommendation lists, and even alerts for upcoming dividends! If you are interested in building out one of these portfolios for yourself I suggest you check out this post I wrote a while back on the 7 dividend aristocrat stocks to own for growth!

While this subreddit is great for learning about dividends it lacks in pretty much all else. Not many people are interested in this style of investing but if you are there is no better place on Reddit than r/dividends.

4.) Investing

r/investing subreddit
Members2.1 million (Active: 800,000-1.1 million)
Expertise LevelPretty high for Reddit.
Use For Your/investing is a pretty good place to learn the ropes about how capital markets work and how to position investments to succeed.

When it comes to investing subreddits that talk about general investing tips and tricks there is none that is better than r/Investing. This is because r/investing is all about teaching other people how to invest properly in the market.

The r/Investing subreddit primarily focuses on how global trends will impact your portfolios. Several Redditors here will cite treasury and interest rates, other nations’ GDP and trends, and even provide some algorithmic trading advice. The community is very active and you can find just about anything you are looking for on the subreddit.

However, r/investing is still just a subreddit. It is a great spot for people to begin to learn about how the stock market really works but it will not turn a novice investor into an expert. No subreddit is going to give you that knowledge, you will either find it on industry blogs, university classrooms, or from on-hand experience.

Regardless of this, r/investing is an amazing subreddit to get a person started learning the ropes of the professional investing and trading industry. I am always surprised to see what I find over there in the discussions. You can find some real gems of investing knowledge hidden among the posts and comments.

5.) Value Investing

r/valueinvesting subreddit
Members174,000 (20,000-25,000 active)
Expertise LevelPretty high for Reddit.
Use For Your/ValueInvesting is a real gem among investing subreddits because of the hidden investment opportunities you can find.

By far the smallest subreddit on the list but definitely not the worst; r/ValueInvesting is an amazing find for investors who are looking to build out a conservative lifelong portfolio.

Value investing can best be defined as finding stocks that when valued properly are less or near the exact price of the company itself. For example, if Google was worth $500 billion dollars at an auction and all of the stock in the stock’s pool was worth $499 billion then theoretically the stock price would increase to reflect the difference in price.

That is the basics of value investing. You are finding companies that can be bought for a great value and then reselling them when they become inflated again; or holding onto them forever in the case of Warren Buffet.

The hardest part about value investing however is sifting through the thousands of financial reports to find a company that is priced wrong by the market. This is where the subreddit r/ValueInvesting steps in. Here you can find out what other people have discovered and make stock decisions based on this information. Essentially, browsing this subreddit alone might make you a quick buck.

If you are interested in the differences between value investing and growth based investing check out this article I wrote here!


There you have it; everything you need to know about which investing subreddits are the best.

Most people will just hop on WallStreetBets and post their latest findings or try to convince people to invest in their stock. While this is fine there are many other investing subreddits that each serve their own purpose. However, remember that it is still Reddit so you probably will not find the best advice!

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