About The Site

I started Chronohistoria to help people generate above average returns (alpha) in the markets. Institutions employ advanced methodologies that the average investor can replicate. I write about these and demonstrate how to do it in the average person’s portfolio.

Every article I write is written for the layman. I do my best to not make things overly complicated but with the more abstract topics that can be hard. If for any reason you are having a hard time reach out to me on either Twitter, Reddit, or Email. Twitter is by far the fastest for simple questions as it gets pushed straight to my personal phone.

I write under the pseudonym ChillznDay for two reasons. First, what I write about causes alpha decay in some hedge fund portfolios. Naturally this upsets people who don’t want average retail investors learning how to replicate their strategies. Second, I don’t want people hounding me on LinkedIn to push or promote products. If your in the industry it might be easy to find me after reading a few articles. If you know who I am please keep it confidential, thanks.

About The Author

A couple facts about me.

  • I hold both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in history from a university in the United States.
  • I have taught classes on capital market trends in developing economies at the university level to both undergraduate and graduate students in the United States.
  • I have participated in the CFA International Research Competition.
  • I have developed investment strategies for long/short and quant funds with a portfolio allocation of $8-$15 million.
  • I have built a student run hedge fund with an AUM of $10,000,000.
  • I have publications that go over contemporary economic trends between developed economies (U.S.A, Japan, China, E.U, etc.) and developing economies (India, China’s countryside, Africa, South America, etc.).
  • I have been invited to present research at T1 institutions such as the University of Toronto.
  • I have over 15 years of both trading and investing experience.

Other then that I am a pretty normal guy. I enjoy playing guitar, snowboarding, reading, and talking about the markets. Feel free to reach out to either ask me any questions or just talk ‘shop.’ (See contact me section)