The Top 5 Gaming Stocks for Massive Returns: 2022-2030

It is no secret, video games have started to revolutionize the entertainment industry. What started as a niche hobby in the late 90’s and early 2000’s has grown into a $160 billion dollar industry. Still today video games remain one of the fastest growing industries, and as such one of the best ways to make a massive return on stocks.

The top 5 gaming stocks for massive returns from 2022-2030 are the following.

  • Take Two Interactive
  • Microsoft
  • Ubisoft
  • Zynga
  • Amazon

Each of these above companies are positioned to explode over the next decade as video games sales increase year over year. Further, each of the above gaming stocks has a different investment thesis as to why it will have massive returns. This means that they generally are not competitors and can be put into a portfolio equally.

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Without further ado, here are the top 5 gaming stocks for massive returns: 2022-2030.

Gaming Stock 1: Take Two Interactive (TTWO)

Take Two Interactive is a sleeping giant in the video game industry. Their gaming portfolio of IP’s consist of large names such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Kerbal Space Program, Civilization, Bioshock, Duke Nukem, and the 2K series.

Each of these games have a cult following surrounding them, especially Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead. Their latest grand theft auto game was made in 2013 and has consistently been driving revenue for the company since. This means that an entire generation of gamers has been brought up on Grand Theft Auto 5.

Right now Take Two Interactive is a ticking time bomb for growth. When TTWO releases or announces a new Grand Theft Auto game expect the stock for TTWO to shoot up. This is because the profit margin on Grand Theft Auto alone will drive the stock’s value up.

Overall TTWO is a great opportunity for investors who want to induce a little risk into their portfolio for the chance of making massive gains.

Gaming Stock 2: Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft…really? Yes, let me explain.

Microsoft has a well diversified technology portfolio. This portfolio includes massive gaming names such as Xbox and a majority of indie games on both the PC and console market. This is well known but as we speak there is a rumor that Microsoft is planning to acquire a major studio. (Source)

It’s all rumor currently but we know that Microsoft has several billion dollars put aside for a large acquisition like this. I personally think that the target is Valve, the massive gaming publisher that dominates the PC gaming market.

This acquisition would mean that Microsoft holds a majority of the PC and E-sports market both domestically in the United States and internationally as well. Because of this Microsoft will become a giant in the video game industry, and as such it serves as a perfect investment.

Also, it’s a great company. Seriously, you cant go wrong with investing in Microsoft.

Gaming Stock 3: Ubisoft (UBSFY)

Ubisoft, I had no idea that this was a publicly traded company until recently. Ubisoft dominates the AAA story driven video game market with large names such as Assassins Creed, For Honor, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy.

Before 2015 Ubisoft made awful games that were full of bugs and shipped as a low budget game. This overtime caused their stock price to tank. However in 2016 UBSFY started going back to the roots of what made them great, making killer video games with high quality immersion.

It was a gamble in huge R&D expenditure but it has paid off. Now Ubisoft’s brand is synonymous with amazing high quality games. As such they stand a great chance of being bought out by one of the larger production companies.

If you get in ahead of this investment then chances are you will see massive returns virtually overnight. Further, Ubisoft stands to dominate their section of the video game market over the next decade. They just produce really good games and as such are making a comeback.

Gaming Stock 4: Zynga (ZNGA)

Zynga only does one thing, and it does it extremely well. That is selling phone video games that are easy to get into and hard to put down.

The world as a whole is starting to use their cell phones to play games more and more. In fact it’s becoming one of the fastest growing sub sectors of the gaming market as phones get stronger and stronger. (Source)

Further, a majority of the world games on their cell phones. For those of you who have traveled across southeast Asia I am absolutely sure that you have seen the massive influx of cell phone videogames on subways, taxis, cafes, and virtually everywhere else.

Chances are the games you saw were owned by Zynga. As such its becoming one of the fastest growing video game companies as people across the world dive headfirst into their products.

ZYNGA is a great way to return massive returns over the next decade.

Gaming Stock 5: Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon is going to be a goliath in the gaming industry. Not because they make video games directly but rather their Amazon Web Services will allow all video games to utilize the best server infrastructure.

Before 2020 all online video games were using the same cloud computing software that was created and managed with little innovation. Now with AWS servers and cloud computing technology everyone is going to have to use Amazon’s servers to run their products.

What this means is that any video game that has an online capability, which is virtually all of them, is going to have to use AWS to compete. This is a massive deal and by getting in now you are going to be ahead of the curve.

Amazon’s most recent video game New World utilizes this technology and as such the video game has exploded in popularity, which is driving huge amounts of revenue back into Amazon.

Amazon is going to be one of the best video game companies to invest in the next 5-10 years easily. Just like Microsoft it’s a great investment and as such you really can’t go wrong.


There you have it, the top 5 gaming stocks for massive returns: 2022-2030. Each of the above gaming companies is positioned to grow over time. If you get in ahead of the curve then chances are you will end up making some pretty decent money.

Whether or not you should come down to how much risk you already have in your portfolio. Some of the above picks like Amazon or Microsoft are pretty steady and conservative. They hold a significant portion of the gaming market and still have outside products and services. Those are the safer ones. The others have more inherent economic opportunity but also have more risk.

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Until next time, I wish you the best of luck in your investing journey.