How To Easily Make 10-15% Return In The U.S Stock Market

Anyone can make 10-15% return in the stock market every year. It requires little knowledge, skill, and most importantly stress. This very brief and short article is going to show you exactly how you can gain 10% return on your investment every year.

The easiest way to make 10-15% return in the stock market is to simply invest in large index tracking ETFs. These ETFs will return a conservative 10-15% per year, every year. Further, this return will compound every year you hold on to your investment which will ultimately net you huge returns.

I am going to show you what U.S ETFs I have chosen to return a simple 10-15% return every year. The goal here is to give you the knowledge to replicate this and start generating wealth in the market.

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Without wasting any more time, here is how to easily make 10-15% return in the U.S stock market.

Investing In Index ETFs For 10-15% Return.

The term ETF stands for Electronically Traded Fund and as the name suggests the whole purpose of an ETF is to create a fund composed of a collection of other assets and allow investors to invest in the ETF.

An index on the other hand is a list of assets that all share a correlating trend. For example the largest U.S index is the Standard and Poor’s 500. The S&P seeks to track the top 500 companies in the U.S by market cap, those are companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla, and Johnson and Johnson.

Now combine both of these terms (ETF and Index) and we get an index tracking ETF. These ETFs just track an underlying index. They are amazing investment’s that spread out your risk across several hundred different companies.

For example the SPY tracks the S&P 500, or the top 500 performing companies in the United States. By investing in the SPY you will be spreading out your total risk across 500 extremely profitable companies. This significantly reduces your overall risk while also opening you up to large returns.

What ETFs for the 10-15% gain?

Ok so what are we going to be looking at for that 10-15% gain? Here are my top 3 recommendations for returning a stable 10-15% return in the U.S market year over year.

The following list is composed from highest return and risk to lowest return and risk. Normally these ETFs would return 8-10% but with the rapidly expanding global economy we have seen a huge bump in average returns.

There has never been a better time to be an investor.


The above chart is of the SPY over the last 14 years. Notice how it almost always goes up at a stable rate? This is because the SPY ETF holds the top 500 companies by market cap in the U.S.

These are companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook. Apple, Tesla, and many others. Generally each of these companies are great investments on their own but when you combine them together you have an amazing investment.

Everyone I know holds a portion of the SPY. This is because it will conservatively generate around 10% return per year. Further, while there are downturns in the SPY it has always recovered to hit all higher all time highs.

This is why I recommend the SPY over just about any other ETF on the market for someone who just wants to make money without much stress. Simply buy the SPY and wait a couple years to sell, you will make money.


Both the SPY and VTI follow the same index, the S&P 500. However, that’s where they differ.

The SPY is better suited for those who want higher volatility present in their investment. This is because the SPY is weighted a tad bit higher towards the tech sector, which has volatility present within it.

VTI was built for those who just want the ‘fire and forget’ strategy on their investment. VTI has significantly less risk but returns around 1% less than the SPY per year.

It’s a great investment for those who are risk averse and just want to see their capital grow. It will grow, but at a lower rate than those who invested in the SPY.

I hold both SPY and VTI to balance out my risk portfolio.


The Vanguard Total World Index. Just as the name suggests this is not just an ETF of the U.S markets but is also exposed to the rest of the world. While it is heavily weighted towards the U.S investing in VT will expose you to internationally large companies as well.

This ETF is a great investment as if VT goes down then chances are we got hit by a meteor or any other cataclysmic event. If that happens I am sure you will have larger problems than your portfolio.

All joking aside, the best thing about VT is that it returns a stable 8-15% per year (15% as of late) with little risk present in the investment. For many people it’s a solid choice and that is why I personally know a ton of asset managers who use VT as a building block for their portfolios.


There you have it, a short and simple read that gets straight to the point. This article clearly shows you how you can easily make a 10-15% return in the U.S stock market. The secret here is to invest in large scale ETF’s.

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Until next time, I wish you the best of luck in your investment journey.